Sunday, November 4, 2018

I've Got You Under My Skin by Mary Higgins Clark

Mary Higgins Clark is one of the most prolific authors who are publishing today. Without fail she releases a book every April. I've Got You Under My Skin was published 3 years ago and was the newest one I had purchased. Her books, quick reads with short chapters, seem to have become quite formulaic. 

With the publication of this book, Clark was beginning a new series, Under Suspicion, that would be based on cold cases. There are 2 levels of mysteries in this novel. Laurie Moran is a TV producer whose husband was murdered in a park by a gunman who told their 3 year old son, Timmy, that his mother would be next and then he. Fast forward 5 years and Moran is producing a documentary about a cold case that involved the murder of a socialite who was hosting a "gala night" for her daughter and friends on graduation night.  

The killer has yet to surface again, but the threat still weighs on Laurie's mind and Timmy's who sees the killer's blue eyes in his nightmares. The friends who are reunited for the filming of the documentary provide the novel's suspense as Moran interviews all those who were in the house the night that Betsy Powell was suffocated. Coming from different parts of the U.S. and from different stages in their lives back to the Powell home, the women all seem to be hiding something - possibly the knowledge of who the murderer actually is. As the reader can imagine, the two plots intersect with Bruno, the murderer of Laurie's husband, works as a gardener on the Powell estate. 

For an astute reader, it won't be too far into the novel when one unpuzzles the puzzle! Maybe because I have read so many great English mysteries, I have become more perceptive in the deciphering of the mystery. However, it is more likely that I have just read too many of Clark's books and I can detect where she is going with her plots. I've Got You Under My Skin is a really quick read and fun picturing the 4 graduates as they squirm to not indict themselves for murder.