Friday, May 9, 2008

Where are You Now? by Mary Higgins Clark

Time for some fluff reading and Mary Higgins Clark's 2008 novel. Where Are You Now follows much the same and predictable format of Clark's previous mysteries. In short chapters, she introduces a plethora of characters who all have a connection to the central premise. Charles "Mack" Mackenzie has been missing for ten years. However, not a year has passed that he hasn't called his mother on Mother's Day. Not even his father's death in the World Trade Center collapse has brought him home. This year is no exception and his sister, Carolyn, is bound and determined that she is going to find her brother. She will leave no stone unturned to find him. Her search involves the landlord's apartment where her brother last lived. What is it that they are hiding. Leesey Andrews has disappeared from a Greenwich Village Club that is owned by Nick DeMarco, a roommate of Mack's. Are the two connected? And Bruce Galbraith, another roommate, has hurried his wife Barbara off to Martha's Vineyard. Is he trying to hide something? Add to these subplots the acceptance of Mack's mother of his disappearance and her desire to get on with her life. She shows this determination by setting off on a vacation to the Greek isles, accompanied by family advisor Elliott Wallace. Throughout the investigation Carolyn finds herself in a life-threatening and dangerous situations. This was one of Clark's better efforts. She skillfully pulls off a couple of startling twists that eventually solve the mystery. This is an easy and enjoyable read.... a good beach or vacation novel.

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