Sunday, May 27, 2018

Only Time Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer

With a bit of a respite from reading book club books, I am delving into some of those "I really want to read" books. Tops on the list was to start reading Jeffrey Archer's Clifton Chronicles series. I have loved his previous books and his easy way of writing and pulling the reader into complex stories of relationships, twists, and historical perspective. 

Only Time Will Tell is the first of this series. It is set in London and Bristol England and chronicles the early life of its protagonist, Harry Clifton. It spans the period from the end of World War I to the onset of World War II. Harry is the son of Arthur, a dockworker, and Maisie Clifton, or at least he believes is. He will most likely follow in his father's footsteps until a choir-mistress discovers his wonderful voice, an event that opens up an entire new world to Harry. By earning scholarships, Harry continues his education and become steadfast friends with Giles Barrington, the son of the shipping company mogue, Hugo Barrington. Although Harry believes that his father was killed in the war, there is speculation that Barrington contributed in some way to Arthur's death. Maisie Clifton offers no further testimony to this fact as she tries to balance financial woes with another series of tragedies and unfortunate events in her life.

Stepping in for Harry's father is Capt. Jack Tarrant, V.C., a hero in the Boer War who saved the life of Barrington. He resides in a railroad car at the shipyard and looks out for Harry in so many ways. 

The other dimension in the novel is the fact that Emma, Giles' sister and Harry become involved in a relationship. The two are very much in love, but Hugo's disdain of Harry presents an issue in more ways than one for the two star-crossed lovers, the foreshadowing of which happens as the two appear in Romeo and Juliet. 

Although Only Time Will Tell may have moments of implausibility with twists and turns it is a very good read. The reader develops quite a bit of empathy for Harry and his plight. But it is a page turner, especially if you have a fondness for Archer's style and plot. Can't wait to get on to the next chapter in Harry's life.

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